Sewing Machines

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Industrial sewing machine.jpg

User's Manual for Consew pictured above

On a shelf in the front room there lives a sewing machine, which looks like a fat plastic suitcase with the handle facing out. It is an Atlas model, pink in color with abundant chrome. Really quite charismatic.

This machine appears complete and functional at time of writing. 10/6/15 EMW

Recently donated:

Two non-functional sewing machine. Both are portable models with respective cases.

One is a Singer, 70's vintage, sand colored. Missing a presser foot, missing front tension adjuster knob, missing speed control foot pedal (cord cut). Unable to test further.

One is a Husqvarna machine, dark brown, accompanied by original documentation and a few accessories. Missing presser foot. Untested. With case.

Of the two, Husqy seems a better restoration candidate.

unanswered questions include: -How many members would like access to multiple sewing machines going forward? -How often have we experienced not-enough-sewing machines situations in the past? -Who is responsible for the care and feeding of these if, indeed, one or both are brought into service? -Who will bring one or both back into service? -What are the opportunities and opportunity costs of keeping these machines in their current state in the space? -How do we honor the potential value of a non-funtional tool, while also honoring the time and energy of members and the value of the space?

The author advises re-assessing in two weeks with the default action being appropriate and respectful disposal of the machines.