Sewing Machines

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The CONSEW MODEL 18 is an industrial machine. At present, it's located in the backroom of IG west - XM July 2019

User's Manual for Consew pictured above

ATLAS SEWING MACHINE - coral colored vintage machine at IG east

manual: - XM July 2019

Threading the ATLAS (video)

This machine appears complete and functional at time of writing. 10/6/15 EMW

Recently donated:

Two non-functional sewing machine. Both are portable models with respective cases.

One is a Singer, 70's vintage, sand colored. Missing a presser foot, missing front tension adjuster knob, missing speed control foot pedal (cord cut). Unable to test further.

One is a Husqvarna machine, dark brown, accompanied by original documentation and a few accessories. Missing presser foot. Untested. With case.

Of the two, Husqy seems a better restoration candidate.

unanswered questions include: -How many members would like access to multiple sewing machines going forward? -How often have we experienced not-enough-sewing machines situations in the past? -Who is responsible for the care and feeding of these if, indeed, one or both are brought into service? -Who will bring one or both back into service? -What are the opportunities and opportunity costs of keeping these machines in their current state in the space? -How do we honor the potential value of a non-funtional tool, while also honoring the time and energy of members and the value of the space?

The author advises re-assessing in two weeks with the default action being appropriate and respectful disposal of the machines.