Prusa MK2S

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Here are some online resources that are excellent for learning how to use the Prusa.

Beginning Steps:
1. Clean the bed with Windex and a paper towel. If there is filament stuck to the bed, peel it off with your fingernail. If it's stuck, use a plastic razor blade. DO NOT use a metal blade on the Prusa!
2. Turn on the Prusa using the switch at the bottom rear of the electronics box on the right side of the printer.
3. Calibrate Z by choosing it from the LCD panel Settings menu (rotate the button to navigate, press the button to select)
4. The Prusa will walk you through the calibration process

Load Your Filament:
1. Be sure your filament is dry. If needed, dry your filament overnight in the filament dryer at IG.
2. Snip the end of your filament at an angle with scissors.
3. Feed your filament through the top of the extruder when you select "Load Filament" on the LCD menu. The Prusa will walk you through it.
4. Rotate the thumbwheel on the extruder (it's a white plastic gear) until the filament will no longer advance.

Select your print gcode from the SD card
1. Save your gcode to the Prusa SD card using the slicer of your choice (see the computer to the right of the Prusa).
2. Make sure the SD card is mounted in the Prusa control panel on the left side.
3. Rotate the dial to your file and press the button.
4. The Prusa will take it from there.

When your print is done:
Please remove your filament. You can remove filament either right after the print, or when you come back later after the machine is cool, but the machine will have to heat up to do it.
1. Run the "Unload Filament" selection at the end of your print by choosing it on the LCD panel.
2. The Prusa will walk you through it.