Bantam PCB Mill

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The Bantam mill runs from sending software on a windows PC. Log into the pc as a user with the usual password. From there, the Bantam Software tool can be used to run the machine. Direct control allows you to home the 0 position or load and unload tooling and materials. In addition, you can manually position the origin location of your part and run your milling job.

The mill itself runs GCode or files of the following types: Mach3 .tap files, or .brd or .nc files from an electrical CAD package for circuitboards. A relevant CAD package is required to generate these files. Students or Staff/Faculty of local colleges can probably get Solidworks or Fusion360, and gcode has been tested from blender (blendercam) and from Freecad as F/OSS options. Creating a toolpath in these programs will not be covered on this page, but a toolpath, once created, can be exported to control the Bantam mill.

It is recommended to research toolholding for the device using a spoilboard or the included T-Track plate. It is also recommended to perform a milling operation in a series of steps, starting with crude tools and working to finer tools once you have less material to remove.