Zing Wood

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Most woods are easy to use in the Zing 24, assuming the proper settings are made.

Raster Engraving

Epilog recommends the following settings for engraving wood, specifically cherry, alder, and walnut:

DPI Speed Power
250 50 100
400 60 100
500 70 100

The sign in the front door is engraved into poplar using the above settings. I think it is a bit deep, and would consider using a faster speed or less power if doing it again.

Vector Cutting

Epilog recommends the following setting for vector cutting wood, specifically cherry, alder, and walnut:

Thickness Speed Power Frequency
1/8", 3 mm 70 50 500
1/4", 6.4 mm 20 100 500

Epilog suggests that thicker wood may be cut in multiple passes.

Vector Etching

No vector etching of wood has happened yet. Experimentation needs to be done. In general, using faster speeds or lower power will etch rather than cut.


Lowe's sells 24"x5.5"x1/4" poplar boards for $3.49 each. They cut well and etch well. Lowe's also sells the same material in different sizes as well.