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                <<  THE SERIES 1 IS CURRENTLY ***_MOSTLY_ INOPERATIVE***  >>  
     See this page for a list of current problems and plans to correct them --> Series 1 problems and solutions

The Series 1 belongs to a generous IG member who purchased the machine in 2013, and made an indefinite tool loan to Ithaca Generator. The printer was made by Type A machines in San Francisco, CA, and was the result of many hours of comparing printer specifications to purchase what was arguably the best consumer-grade printer available in the US at the time.

We received the printer in June 2013, and although it took a long time to tune properly, it has made some amazing prints. One of the best capabilities of the Series 1 is the superfine Z axis resolution, which boasts 75 microns when dialed in properly (and the manufacturer claimed 50 microns was possible when it was built!). We've made some very nice prints on this machine. The hot end on this machine has been replaced twice, each time upgrading to a newer and better unit.

The current tool chain for the Lulzbot is Repetier Host running on Linux. The Lulzbot is currently connected to a Linux computer named Gort[citation needed].

We are currently evaluating Octoprint running on a Raspberry Pi as the new default controller for the printers. (Good news! It works!) Click here for >> Octoprint details.

See Series 1 Help for help using the Series 1 printer.

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