Maslow CNC

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Maslow CNC
Location Back Room
Manufacturer MaslowCNC
Model MaslowCNC
Manual [1]
Training required? Yes
The Maslow CNC
Generator's Maslow CNC

The Maslow CNC is a low to mid end hobbyist CNC meant to cut 4x8 foot plywood.

The Maslow CNC is a 'hobbyist' CNC so having a basic knowledge of how it functions will help in it's usage.

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Non functional

The left motor was rotating in a clockwise direction even though a counter clockwise signal was being sent during calibration. The next steps to diagnose and fix the issue are to replace the motor, the cable and the Arduino if need be. The Arduino firmware should be updated with more recent software as should the 'Ground Control' software communicating with the Arduino.


The Maslow CNC is built out of a frame connected 2x4 beams. A 4x8 foot plywood sheet is placed on the frame and used as a backing board.

The Maslow CNC is an upright CNC that uses two worm-geared motors with encoders attached to guide a sled via a linked chain.

Maslow CNC
Maslow CNC
Maslow CNC left motor
left motor
Maslow CNC right motor
right motor

A router is attached to the sled and it's height is controlled with another worm-gear motor and encoder attached on the sled.

Maslow CNC router
Maslow CNC cotter pin attachment
sled attachment

An Arduino controls the motors and accepts GCode from a USB connection.

Maslow CNC arduino

The chains are kept under tension with a counterweight that is fed through a pulley system.

Maslow CNC left chain guide
left chain guide
Maslow CNC right chain guide
right chain guide
Maslow CNC pulley system
pulley system
Maslow CNC weight guide
counter weight guide

The counterweights are bricks tied to string with stove pipe as a guide to prevent tangling and catching on the frame.

Maslow CNC weight guide detail
counterweight guide

Control is provide by a software package called Ground Control, which is free and open source software and can be installed on any machine (wiki). Once Ground Control is installed, you can connect your computer to the Arduino via the USB cable to monitor and submit jobs.


After initial setup, the Maslow CNC needs to be calibrated. This process can take up to two hours and is guided by the Ground Control software.

To help with calibration, a 'pen holder' jig has been made. The pen holder is not perfect so there might be better ways to provide the same functionality.

Maslow CNC pen holder
pen holder
Maslow CNC pen holder
pen holder

Router Attachments

Maslow CNC camera