Lulzbot A0-100 3D Printer

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                <<  THE LULZBOT IS CURRENTLY ***INOPERATIVE***  >>  
     See this page for a list of current problems and plans to correct them --> Lulzbot AO-100 problems and solutions

The Lulzbot AO-100 was a gift from Aleph Objects- we won a contest where we wrote to say why IG was awesome, and what we could do with a 3d printer.

We received the printer in May 2013, and it's done a lot of good work for us. It has made countless prints, and it's been our primary "outreach 3D printer"-- we've taken it to lots of cool places to show members of the community how 3D printing works. The machine has been fairly reliable, not counting two hot-end rebuilds and several software tool chaing upgrades.

The current tool chain for the Lulzbot is Repetier Host running on Linux. The Lulzbot is currently connected to a Linux computer named Tesla.

See Lulzbot Help for help using the Lulzbot.

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